Pudding Fanta Oreo with Strawberry Yoghurt Sauce

pudding fanta oreo with strawberry yoghurt sauce

pudding fanta oreo with strawberry yoghurt sauce

At first, I wanted to make strawberry pudding from fresh strawberries. But I didn’t find that sour sweet fruit in any supermarket nearby…  I gave up in finding strawberry… But I still wanted a nice cold strawberry pudding!!

Then I went to a minimarket and bought a small bottle of Fanta Strawberry!! I decided to make that pudding with every strawberry flavour I found! I used the yoghurt because it’s a STRAWBERRY yoghurt… See? Strawberry!!!  I added oreo just for fun 🙂 Curious what it tasted like? Try it! 😀


– 1 pack of  jelly powder

– 500 ml fanta strawberry

– 200 ml plain milk

– 200 ml water

– 60 gr sugar

– 15  oreo cookies, coarsely chopped

– yoghurt strawberry

– strawberry jam

The steps:

1. Combine in boiler: jelly powder, fanta, milk, water and sugar. Cook. Stirring constantly.

2.  Line oreo in the bottom of baking dish. Add the jelly mix.

3. Refrigerate before serving.

4. Mix strawberry jam with strawberry yoghurt. Serve pudding with strawberry yoghurt sauce.


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