Diva – My beloved Cat



I met Diva 10 years ago while I was jogging with my girl friends. I took him home because I felt sorry for the lonely little kitty.

My mom was angry because our carpet became Diva’s toilet.. Being pissed with Diva’s attitude, I put Diva in the bathroom every time he poops inside our house. In the bathroom, I kinda yelled at Diva while pointing my finger to the toilet. I tried to ‘say’ to Diva, “This is the place to poop!!”

It’s not taking too long for Diva to understand what I was trying to say. Once, I found him sitting on the toilet and do his ‘nature call’ there. I only had to flush the toilette (well of course I’m the one who had to do it! My cat obviously cant do that!)… Voila! Problem solved!

There is one more thing of  Diva’s attitude that amazed me. I always keep the fish for Diva’s meal in the refrigerator. You know what? He could open my refrigerator’s door with his front leg. My mom was the one who saw Diva opening the refrigerator door and then taking his own meal. My mom was furious at that time. That’s because there were other foods inside the refrigerator. She wouldn’t accept cat fur for her dinner, would she?

Unfortunately, about a year ago, Diva went and never came back. He looked sick at that time. My mom said that perhaps Diva wanted me not to worry about him being sick in my house. Poor Diva..

Miss you so much Diva! I’m sure that you’re now playing and having so much fun in the beautiful rainbow bridge! Along with other kittens you’ve been shared your meals with…


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