Our favourite board game is Scrabble. We always try to find a way to get that 50 point bonus (bingo) using all of our tiles for a 7 letters word. And he often wins.

That day, he told me he had bought a new scrabble board. A tile lock gameboard with low profile turntable. And guess what? When I opened the box, I found this:


I never  thought he would proposed that way..

Then I tried to answer “Yes I Do”, but apparently, he took all the “Y” tiles.. LOL..

When he saw me thinking.. He advised me to answer: “I Will” 😀

One thing for sure.. He got more than 50 points that day :p


Martabak Telor

Karena gue ga sejago abang-abang tukang jualan martabak telor yang bisa bikin adonan kulit sampai setipis itu, jadi pake resep ini aja. Tapi takarannya kira-kira yaa..


– 2 sdm tepung beras

– 1 sdm tepung kanji / tepung maizena

– 1 butir telur

– 100 ml air


– minyak wijen

– bawang bombay, cincang

– daging sapi cincang

– telur 2 butir

– tofu

– daun bawang, iris tipis

– garam

– lada


  1. Panaskan minyak wijen, tumis bawang bombay sampai harum lalu masukkan daging cincang, beri sedikit lada dan garam. Masak sampai daging matang dan agak kering. Sisihkan dan biarkan uap panasnya hilang.
  2. Kocok 2 butir telur, masukkan irisan daun bawang, tofu dan daging cincang yang sudah dimasak sebelumnya. Beri sedikit garam dan lada.
  3. Buat adonan kulit. Campur semua bahan kulit dan aduk rata. Adonannya cair yaa..
  4. Panaskan wajan anti lengket lalu masukkan adonan kulit dan ratakan dengan menggoyangkan wajan seperti membuat crepes. Gunakan api sedang. Tunggu sampai pinggiran adonan agak kering dan bisa dilepas.
  5. Tuang campuran isi, lalu tutup dengan membuat bentuk amplop. Caranya, tarik pinggiran kulit tadi dengan tangan. Biarkan sebentar sampai kira-kira agak kering.
  6. Masukkan minyak goreng. Masak martabak sampai sisi bawah martabak matang, lalu balik. Masak sampai kulit berwarna kecoklatan. Angkat. Tiriskan. Potong sesuai selera.
  7. Makan martabaknya. Dicocol sambal botolan juga enak.





The rain falls without hesitation. Lady holds her umbrella tightly. She walks slowly. Thinking.

Late meetings at the office. The heavy traffic. Lots of documents to be reviewed. What now? This is her first time. Lady wonders on how people can come up with something in this situation.

Holding hands or a soft embrace can make her blushing. A red rose when she least expect it. A surprise warm kiss on her cheek feels like a firecracker scene that makes her heart throbbing. The same feeling she had seven years ago.

Lad doesn’t know. For now.

She starts texting to Lad.

Gotta give a quick training for the new employee. I’ll be late. Love you..

Yes, she loves Lad. But she can’t lose this nostalgic feeling yet.

No. Not now.


26-year-old youth

behaved as the older one,

with gray hair before his time,

lots of problems but never run,

even when he got no dime.

the salty drops fall from his eyes,

with them he made a peace,

cause he has a very long miles,

to get his own true bliss.



Virtual success? Yeah.. I got that from some of my FB friends. They write so many achievements on their FB info profile.. They stated that they are employers of some prestigious companies, all from year xxxx  – present..

Geez.. can you do that? Work at SIX companies or so at the same time?

Yet, in reality, they’re not what they claim to be..

They often tell people that they’re:

– at a luxurious place (“@Hilton, @Paris, @etcetcetc”),

– eating something expensive (“Hey, I’m eating a big IMPORTED ribs, delicious!”)

– having new gadgets *even though they get the gadgets from their rich parents or siblings* (“Yaaaayy.. A new i-Phone..” or “wanna ride my new Ferrari?”)

Everything that they think will make their FB friends jealous, they just have to write it on their wall! These people even update their status more than 7 times in one hour, or comment on all of their friends’ status. A rude comment on other people’s status by saying, for example, “my gadget is super cool, and yours is so darn lame”, is also exist. They just want to be better than everyone else.

One FB user even dramatizes his love life on FB. He wrote awful things about his ex after he got dumped. And you know something? He shares the same mutual friends with his ex girlfriend. What a gentleman. -__-‘. Lack of etiquette I guess..

It’s fine if you want to share your activities on the internet with your friends. There are some people (who share their activities that may raise other people’s jealousy) that are actually doing those things with their own efforts, with no intention to show off. Instead, they want to let you know­, that if you work hard enough, you can do those things. I mean work hard working! Not work hard sucking on your daddy’s or siblings’ buttocks for money!

I really want to remove them. But on FB, they’ll know if someone is removing them from the friend list. And it will be a little bit awkward for me if I meet them in real life activities and am being asked why I removed them from my friend list.

Short story told. I finally clicked the ‘hide’ button. No more news feed from them. I just need FB to share activities with my non-stars-wannabe friends.


this part

We yelled at each other sometimes.

We took each other’s act as a crime.

When the waters of pride have gone away,

“I’m sorry” was the nicest thing to say

-(and a warm big hug to save the day)-


just wondering

Tingkat kemapanan seseorang tuh diukur dari segi apa yaa?